#about the maker

Me, the bespoke dressmaker:  I am very 'hands-on' from the cut design to the production, all completed in-house at MishNMesh Studio and Gardens. Custom Made by Yours Truly, Margherita Caruana

Influences:  Mostly,  'What Women Want' that is so comfortable easy to wear, carefully hand-stitched to ensure that the fabric flows elegantly around the body, even your imperfections can be made to look nothing less than PERFECT, regardless of AGE, SHAPE or SIZE.

Background:  Allow me to share some background. I was raised in the Rag Trade, the daughter of a Tailor, who got his start sewing as a young lad in Malta during the war tailoring uniforms for the British who were based there.  My father, Sam Caruana, was a superb Master Tailor having won multiple Designer Awards. I learned drafting and cutting at TAFE, and in school holidays, I assisted my father in his workshop in Victoria Street, Mackay, my hometown in Queensland, Australia. So I guess it was ingrained in me, very early on – 'a chip off the old block'.  As a young girl, I use to dream of going to Fashion College in Miami, Florida, but it was beyond my reach.

My Travels:  In my youth I had itchy feet and travelled and worked in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, the Great Barrier Reef, Europe and in particular the Mediterranean.  Oh, and it's no secret that I fell madly in love during this time of my life.

Lacemaking:  I had an unquenchable desire to fulfill my thirst for the Art of Bobbin Lace Making, (I had been told that my Nana Vittoria was a Lacemaker in Malta).  I had lessons from Lacemakers on the Island of Gozo, Malta and also to Palestrina, just outside of Venice, Italy.  Whilst working as an Au Pair in England, spent time researching and learning the art of Honiton Lace Making.  I sometimes use Lace to accentuate a bit of old vintage charm on some MishNMesh designs.

My Journey:  Yes, I worked in other professions too, such as Law, Business and Vocational Education.  The last of which brought me closer to realising that after many years of self-exploration, that Fashion & Humanity don't operate independence of one another, so an opportunity to give something back, perhaps.  

In 2003-4, after many years absent, went back to The Hatch in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, England, to nurse a young girl diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.  I was Daisy's Au Pair back in the late 70's, she was just a little Toddler of 2 yrs or so then.   The DREAM, well, it finally found form after Daisy's constant nagging influence.  And Daisy, well she lost her fight in January 5, 2004. Hence, MishNMesh was born.  

I am a well-rounded woman  who can absolutely have an interest in politics, economics, technology, conservation & environmental issues whilst still putting my 'family first' and maintaining close ties to other social circles.  

Personally, in the spirit of being well rounded I consider myself to be an Aussie (born & bred) and a Life Changing Chic (forever changing).

my mantra ...  'your choice says who you'