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Made for you - 'a nice touch' - Express Yourself in a Wearable Classic. 

The challenge is always thinking outside of the box to create one’s own visual identity.  It has to resonate with the Customer - the target to carve out a niche for ALL WOMEN.

The Key to the design process is purely and simply based on Customer Feedback, this is imperative, and has proven to recognise MishNMesh. 

My own perception is that everything hinges on that - It’s DISTINCTIVE!

The point of difference:     ‘not everybody has one'


Initial Consultation –

I find the Fashion Industry somewhat intimidating – I prefer to make the process more personal, as my father did, as a Tailor in North Qld until he retired at 70.

I take great pleasure in catering to the individual silhouette that enhances them.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Often, people don’t know what options would work for them. It’s an expensive investment.

If the garment is not to your satisfaction, I will replace it with a new one.

It’s crucial to listen and take time with the customer in an Initial Consult before they commit, keeping in mind, building the clientele and customer service.


The way to successfully market MishNMesh is an expression in itself - with travels to the North-West of Queensland and West to the Channel Country;   South-East to Brisbane to the far South to the ACT for one of the biggest events in the country, HANDMADE CANBERRA.

Word of mouth or someone wearing a MishNMesh creation speaks for itself and the comments are very Complimentary. What matters - ’ customers feel good’

Whilst these are the important fundamentals of running MishNMesh, the customer is at the centre of everything, as this is what sets it apart from other brands and boutiques. 

Close to the source, an inside job at my rural retreat in Leyburn, Qld, Australia.


Production is small as it is a ‘quality product’ - it is important to deliver.


That's me in a nutshell.

Margherita @MishNMesh




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