#turning the tide from 'fast fashion' March 13 2019

Made-to-Order, Zero Waste and trendless fashion are the touchstones for a new wave of designers hoping to turn the tide away from 'fast fashion' towards a more 'sustainable approach'.  Vogue


So how does one define MishNMesh's footprint?

I had thought about this for some time i.e.  as long as Customers become more conscious in how they spend their money, and when a local community supports its Artisans and Makers, only then will change happen.

The MishNMesh Ideology is that it supports a sustainable approach to fashion, no matter how small, established and implemented right from its inception, that a direct-to-consumer approach is the only way to achieve this.  Therefore, I decided to concentrate on limited edition pieces which customers pre-order.  There is Zero Waste.  Make on Demand.  Making the fabric available go further, but unfortunately, it limits how many pieces can be cut from the bolt.  This means that the turn-a-round could be 3-4 weeks in the low Autumn/Winter Season;  and 6-8 weeks in the High Summer season.  Most customers really don't mind the wait for a custom garment made by me, remember, I am doing this solo.

In order to maintain zero-waste in the MishNMesh Studio, unused fabrics are matched to create a one-off piece.  Or, fabric remnants are sold by the kilo to Quilters and Crafters.  Perhaps, contact me if you would like some.

On offer from the MishNMesh Handmade Wardrobe are 'trendless pieces' created by me using Liberty Tana Lawn and AGF fabrics.  I have built up a collection of Favourites, but always able to use the designs in refreshing new prints. In this way, it allows YOU the customer to simplify YOUR wardrobe.  

Working on Demand can be stressful at the best of times, especially when you get a large batch of Orders just from one event and you're wanting to get them out as fast as you can.  One can only do what is humanly possible.  However, I have come to the conclusion that working-on-demand is better for business and is more sustainable, you see there is no excess Inventory at the end of the day.  This means that MishNMesh is reducing resource consumption and its environmental impact.

Having said this, the MishNMesh Handmade Wardrobe Collection, Label or Brand ... whatever you might like to call it, has allowed it to stand out from the likes of run-of-the-mill Boutiques in mainstream fashion.  As rare as it may seem in this modern day, it is actually an old-fashioned approach to a more personalised service.  Hence combined, MishNMesh has adopted the philosophy and a unique handmade custom product which I make right from the beginning and that's how I have kept it.

Filling a niche, allows me to tailor each design to each individual customers' measurements and specific requirements.  However, I fail to see how I can scale up MishNMesh.  After some years of research and deliberation, have settled for what is, taking into consideration that it takes me a couple of hours to draft and cut and then 4.5 hrs to sew it up on the machines.  Many a time have I been approached by Boutiques wanting to buy Wholesale, but I have always declined offers based on what's ethically fair and reasonable in the production of the garment/s.

The challenges of moving towards a more sustainable model is one the fashion industry is facing as a whole, alongside shoppers who are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their spending habits.  Consumers have an exceptional power to shift demand away from fast fashion retail.  The tide is slowly but surely starting to turn.

At the moment, with the Global Fashion Revolution, independant brands like MishNMesh adopting a direct-to-consumer, made-to-order strategy are leading the way producing aesthetically beautiful unique pieces whilst being socially conscious about it, creating a better earth planet.

the bespoke dressmaker

Margherita @MishNMesh