#Campaign #Pre-Christmas Post October 30 2017

However time poor, newsletters are very few and far between.  If you would like more regular updates please let me know,  I will do my very best to get more info out to you more often. Apart from the occasional Facebook/mishnmesh and Instagram@mishnmesh posts, I do not advertise.  The MishNMesh focus is to keep the specialness of MishNMesh exclusive to you.  

#Pop-up Events … We Pop-Up all over the country - Tamworth Country Music Festival; Channel Country; the Maranoa; Central Queensland … and coming to you in Bundaberg soon.  Doing my best to get it out there to you.  For more details please go to POP-UP EVENTS on the website,   It seems that that is what you want, the ‘visual & tactile’ experience.   MishNMesh was at the EKKA in Brisbane last August, opposite the Qld Museum and we have been invited back for 2018. This is wonderful news for those who live in Brisbane, wonderful to see you back wanting another MishNMesh exclusive.  

#Slow Clothing Manifesto … ‘slow clothing’ Guru, Jan Milburn,  Sustainability Consultant from Textile Beat dropped in at The Ekka and complimented me on making thoughtful informed choices, offering an ethical natural high-quality product to the customer that is long-lasting and durable, and so, the message is ‘buy well once’ quality remains after price is forgotten.

#MishNMesh sponsors CCLD … We had another great weekend for the Channel Country Ladies held at Jundah this year. Winner for BEST DRESSED at Friday Cocktails is:  Maree Morton, Gowrie Mountain.  Congratulations Maree! Maree wins a FREE CUSTOM FIT GARMENT from MishNMesh of her choice.

#What’s on the Cutting Table … Meet #Mono Gatsby shown here in Mary Style Cut Dress with in-seam pockets and Latino flounce sleeves.  Since it’s Preview at CCLD and Central QLD, it’s a hit! I have also made this in a #combo shirt.  I will be making it up in a Kurta Dress, so if you want to see it as a Kurta, just follow me on Facebook or check out the website.  

#Charming Old-fashioned Pin-Tucks … An old favourite.  Here it is seen in #wildflowers WHITE Pullover Top with a loose fitting at hips. I like the neckline, not too low or too high and I think it will be a firm favourite for most.  This style can be done in any print on your Wish List providing it ‘s still in stock.

#The Pullover Dress … This is rather different, and quite classy if you ask me.  I have had a lot of interest in this cut.  Seen here in #wildflowers Salmon pink.  You may remember it in WHITE mentioned in last Newsletter.

#Date Claimer: 

Emerald Art & Craft  17-18 November

Mumma’s Nest 24-25 November, Bundaberg

Handmade Under the Stars, 30 November, Cobb & Co Museum, Toowoomba

#Christmas Orders close 30 November 2017.

Thanks for following the MishNMesh journey and I hope to bring you more exciting Liberty prints and designs by MishNMesh in 2018.

Have a Joyous Christmas!


The bespoke dressmaker



#Campaign ... 'La Boheme' June 29 2017

Inspiration from Malta ... 

What a great location to test out LIBERTY fabrics, and certainly made sure that I packed well to stay 'cool & comfortable' in searing temperatures, unusual for this time of year.  I rolled, tied and packed 12 pieces and paired them up, experimenting with layering to get everything in (1) Carry-On, in addition to Lingerie and Toiletries and taking (1) pair of comfortable walking shoes with supporting arch.   

#want to be noticed #feel alive! ...

This 'silver-haired' Lady, got a surprise when an Italian standing at his Carvery with stuffed pig, burst into song with 'o sole mio' as he saw me approach wearing my famous La Boheme Pantaloni/Pantaloons, not to mention a wink from a Customs Officer in Brussells. 

My Tip for the Mammas and Nunnas who want to stay cool and on-trend, MishNMesh is certainly AUTHENTIC! ... Hence my Campaign for this 'Chat', some very 'loose-fitting' Pullover Dresses, but fitted through bust with draping pockets complimented with Pantaloons.

Find MishNMesh at these Creative Hubs ...

1 July ... Outback Fringe Festival, Quilpie 

14/15/16 July ... Rocky Riverfest

22 July ... Jazz at the Gallery, Warwick

30 August ... Weengallon Pink Ladies Day

To see snaps from my recent Photoshoot,   FOLLOW on Instagram@MishNMesh or Facebook/MishNMesh or go to website: 

Contact Me: 0438133753 or Email:

Kind Regards


#want to host-a-party July 27 2016

#bespoke MishNMesh is introducing a *PARTY PLAN HOSTING PACKAGE What are the benefits? … The HOST will receive a *FREE CUSTOM MADE GARMENT of OWN CHOICE to the VALUE of $170.00.   For more information on HOSTING a MISHNMESH PARTY PLAN please use the CONTACT US FORM available on this website. 

MishNMesh travels anywhere around Queensland with no fuss.  

INVITE MISHNMESH to your place, be it rural and remote, distance is no option, even if you are out there in the middle of no where. Get some friends together and we'll have a party!




#reduce carbon footprint on the planet

#sustainable fashion



#discount code July 05 2016

Don't forget to add your DISCOUNT CODE ... MISHNMESH at checkout!


#i made this ... July 05 2016

Think Fashion Revolution, people are getting smarter.
Consumers are increasingly interested to know WHO MADE IT?
I am not a follower of the herd and what's happening in mainstream fashion. MishNMesh is all about authenticity.  'Doing what I want to do'.  The ideas come from risk-taking, testing the market with a new idea, with a different set of goals. These are not modern, but always find a place in society ... like 'old-fashioned customer service' and tailoring styles that don't out-date.  I suppose that that makes it special and different. Not sure about the 'digital disconnect', I guess customers prefer a more 'visual' and 'tactile' experience.  I can live with that.
Why do I need to go public?  I am proud to boast ... I MADE THIS!  
That is  MishNMesh  ... that's ME!  It's about my ability as the Creator and longevity.  This is what sustainability is about, isn't it?  It's time the fashion industry admires and respects that some of us want to stay small.   It's about sticking with something that works, and the customer is going to go with it.  Having said that, I am going to take the time in explaining my product because nowadays I think it is relevant.
As a Designer & Creator, I feel that MishNMesh does have a part to play in fixing the fashion industry.  I do my research which lead me to Laura Ashley and Liberty.  I loved working with LA Fabrics when I lived in England many years ago, but unfortunately, no longer sell dress fabrics. Nowadays, I choose to buy Liberty Fabrics because I have TRUST in the quality which I can confidently say to the customer that I can vouch for its 'quality assurance'.
Transparency is the key. I do think that it is important to take the time to explain to the customer the entire process including information about the Fibre ... *what it is; *where it is manufactured; *where it is printed. Explaining the price so that the customer understands what they are paying for.  
Am I ethical in my business?  I feel that the only way to truly connect with the customer is to show that my brand is sustainable and that the values I hold dear are actually embedded in the business.  In essence, I am building the brand around my personality.  How else can I be true to myself and deliver.  
As the Maker, I offer a 'Customer Satisfaction Guarantee' with all products, whether they be ready-to-wear or custom-made-to-measure. This is how I choose to build my brand, 85% Custom Fit. So our way of operating offers customers lots of opportunities e.g. to co-design with the Creator (i.e. myself in this case). Pave a new road, the 'old-fashioned way' with different eyes.
MishNMesh does not want to be a 'best seller'.   MishNMesh defines comfort to wearable art, with the layering.  It's the only way to go. And I love it! So follow us on Instagram @mishnmesh




#straight from the horse's mouth hey! June 30 2016

Straight from the horse's mouth hey!

I am Margherita and I am the Designer and Creator of the MishNMesh Collection. MishNMesh is not a boutique.  It's *bespoke. 

As the Designer & Creator,  I wanted to introduce a business model that catered for *a customer's need; *what customer's care about; *what customers want, and most importantly of all, *solve customer's problems.

Creating a product that is *bespoke and *specialising in made-to-measure allows MishNMesh to fill a niche market creating 'designs for real women' with real lives and real needs. This is not new territory, *bespoke is back due to customer demand. How do I know this? Because I have talked to customers of all ages to find out what they think and what they want. Yes, all customers are different too.

So how do I stay ME as a brand while talking to different people?   I believe that I have my core characteristics nailed. As a passer-by once said 'you look like your stall'.  Now that's a compliment.

And so, as the story goes ... I cater for ALL ages:  30+, 40+, 50+, 60+

How fabulous is that, and loving it!.

Ask Me to Make One Just For You!





#bespoke #plus size February 15 2016

TIMELESS … no matter your AGE, SHAPE or SIZE.

MishNMesh sources the highest quality fabrics from around the world.

As the Creator, devote attention to detail to your stylistic preferences and body shape. Therefore, MishNMesh is *bespoke i.e. the garment is MADE JUST FOR YOU.

I am a daughter of a Tailor, having grown up in my father's Tailor Workshop/Studio learning the tricks of the trade. 

I do have preference to co-designing with YOU the customer/client, providing guidance  throughout the process of design. MishNMesh aims to see that YOU ' look your best' in a 'fitted custom made garment'.  Our focus is to fit your body and unique body types.  

Time for a change, try CUSTOM MADE TO MEASURE.  The work is carried out by me, the Creator and not sourced out, ensuring 'good quality workmanship'.

The price is the price, whether you choose CUSTOM MADE over READY-TO-WEAR.

Ask me to make one JUST FOR YOU!



Margherita, the Creator and Maker of MishNMesh



'what women want' June 05 2014

There is no more attractive way of expressing yourself than through the clothes you wear.

In my studio, I try to be unconventional, but classic and romantic in my creativity.  I try to use good judgement to reflect the individual personality.  Everyone starts somewhere, and it so happens that for me, it was in my father's tailoring workshop in school holidays.  

#Clothing style is as much about comfort as self-expression.  Generally, clothing should not be tight and the fabrics used must allow your skin to 'breathe'.  Your clothes should be moulded to your lifestyle and not vice versa. Anything that hinders movement and you find to be uncomfortable is a  'No No' in my book.  

#Fabric is the most important element in the #MishNMesh Collection.  I choose #natural materials such as #cotton, #wool, #hemp, but most #100% cotton.  I like to add originality to the garment, meaning the customer has an opportunity to have input into the style design as well. 

#How fabrics move before going ahead with a style cut - The movement of a garment should be fluid.  A sense of freedom dictates own design code.  Often, the #MishNMesh style dictates the #classic #vintage look by simply not over doing it.  MishNMesh reflects personality and an element of sincerity that looks fresh and delightful.  

Experimenting with fabrics,  is to get a better understanding of what MishNMesh is about, no matter your size or shape.  


Contact me:   if you would like to know more.



Margherita Caruana (Director)



#high summer February 16 2014

I have been working on a #high summer collection for Mish N Mesh which appears to have got people talking.  I am so pleased.  

Check out those #pantalons as they say in French.  In Italian, it's pantaloons. In America, it's #bloomers.  

Anyhow, I kind of like #pantalons.  Recently, I was so pleasantly surprised by a customer who called them #pantalons, it brought a smile to my face and at the same time spurred on a wonderful conversation with a group of ladies in my stall all about #pantalons and its origin. 

As I had previously said in an early Blog Post, the essential ingredient for Mish N Mesh is to offer top quality #bespoke #ready to wear apparel which compliments and reflects the personality of the wearer.

To top that, I offer a more personalised service to meet the client's specific requirements i.e. consult with the client, giving them the option to style design a garment that highlights the positives, made to measure to suit the characteristic of the individual.

Designs are cool, comfy and natural, keeping in mind our Queensland Lifestyle.  Glamorous high summer for any occasion, but very very versatile.  Fabrics are sourced from London, Italy, and Japan for wonderful cottons that breathe.

#la sage KIDS October 18 2013

"I never knew how much love my heart could hold 'til someone called me Nana".

Looking at developing 'la sage' KIDS, currently design and custom make 'la sage' KIDS hats for both GIRLS & BOYS, but looking to designing Apparel for GIRLS.  Custom made by Nana (meaning myself, Nana Margherita), inspired by my beautiful little Granddaughter, Sage Lillith.  

Styling combinations that are light #Boho Tops, Dress and Pants for Girls (Toddler - Age 8) perhaps, still undecided. Will keep you in the loop.

Absolutely, run off my feet, trying to do more than one thing at a time.  So, please bare with me as it is only I at the design and sewing table.  And of course, trying to keep up with Client Requests for Custom made tuniques together with keeping up stock for Mish 'n' Mesh Collection.

So, that is it in brief for now.  Keep you posted.



Mish 'n' Mesh    

'la sage' KIDS


#studio mayhem September 13 2013

Mayhem in at Studio Karuansarai, with orders flooding in.  So encouraging to see, with comments like 'where can I get one of these'?   There is always a surprise around the corner as I let my creative juices run wild.  What I am about is achieving 'What Women Want', having a sense of FABRIC, that perfectly compliments my own style and design.  Fresh new looks are hot off the design table, cut and made up by Yours Truly, Margherita.

So stay tuned on Facebook at: to get the freshest new look, keeping in mind how these style designs fit into our everyday lifestyle, it's not  that difficult.

Handmade pieces, made in very limited quantities, and I can assure you, are absolutely unique.

These styles can be mixed, matched and layered with each other and can look quite smashing, no matter your age.

I offer a very personalized service e.g. if you like a print and you want it made up to one of my designs, well I am happy to oblige and can do in any SIZE.  So, email me:



Mish 'n' Mesh

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