#Campaign ... 'La Boheme' June 29 2017

Inspiration from Malta ... 

What a great location to test out LIBERTY fabrics, and certainly made sure that I packed well to stay 'cool & comfortable' in searing temperatures, unusual for this time of year.  I rolled, tied and packed 12 pieces and paired them up, experimenting with layering to get everything in (1) Carry-On, in addition to Lingerie and Toiletries and taking (1) pair of comfortable walking shoes with supporting arch.   

#want to be noticed #feel alive! ...

This 'silver-haired' Lady, got a surprise when an Italian standing at his Carvery with stuffed pig, burst into song with 'o sole mio' as he saw me approach wearing my famous La Boheme Pantaloni/Pantaloons, not to mention a wink from a Customs Officer in Brussells. 

My Tip for the Mammas and Nunnas who want to stay cool and on-trend, MishNMesh is certainly AUTHENTIC! ... Hence my Campaign for this 'Chat', some very 'loose-fitting' Pullover Dresses, but fitted through bust with draping pockets complimented with Pantaloons.

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30 August ... Weengallon Pink Ladies Day

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#high summer February 16 2014

I have been working on a #high summer collection for Mish N Mesh which appears to have got people talking.  I am so pleased.  

Check out those #pantalons as they say in French.  In Italian, it's pantaloons. In America, it's #bloomers.  

Anyhow, I kind of like #pantalons.  Recently, I was so pleasantly surprised by a customer who called them #pantalons, it brought a smile to my face and at the same time spurred on a wonderful conversation with a group of ladies in my stall all about #pantalons and its origin. 

As I had previously said in an early Blog Post, the essential ingredient for Mish N Mesh is to offer top quality #bespoke #ready to wear apparel which compliments and reflects the personality of the wearer.

To top that, I offer a more personalised service to meet the client's specific requirements i.e. consult with the client, giving them the option to style design a garment that highlights the positives, made to measure to suit the characteristic of the individual.

Designs are cool, comfy and natural, keeping in mind our Queensland Lifestyle.  Glamorous high summer for any occasion, but very very versatile.  Fabrics are sourced from London, Italy, and Japan for wonderful cottons that breathe.