#getting on the band wagon August 31 2016

'I am sick of being forced to dress like an old woman'.  One loved dressing up and wearing bold and bright and outrageous clothes, it was the 70's.  It is hard to find something half way decent.  

Not having the problem when younger.  Turning 50 is a real turning point in our lives.  Everything on the racks is targeted for the younger lot with slim, sleek bodies. 

I found this Excerpt above on Facebook this morning.  And so, I had to write this, right now, this minute,  as I sit in my PJs and wool slippers at my desk.  

Talk about being INNOVATIVE.  Da Dahhhhhh! hence MishNMesh!

Most styles don't suit 60+.  Unlike your Rockmans, Katies, Big W and Myer ... MishNMesh gives you options, even send Print Samples out to you if you like.

Check out Fit Me Policy ... 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Q.      Who gives you that these days?  

A.       I have patience.  I make the time.  Just call me.

Well get this, MishNMesh is paying attention.  And Yes, I have the energy as I sit in my studio everyday Designing & Drafting & Cutting Orders to Sew.  

Why?  because I just love it.  And, it shows in the work that I produce.  As one of my most loved customers recently said  'You're our local design Guru'.

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See you later, Alligator!


Your Local Design Guru, MishNMesh