#Autumn Leaves ... Edition 4 April 08 2017

Ignoring 'fast fashion' and instead prefer 'slow fashion', trying to be authentic and keeping in mind the focus is on the underlying influence to fill a niche market, regardless of what fashion dictates.  Practicality in style design whether it be worn 'on the street', 'travel abroad' or 'in the bush' ... jeans, trousers, tights or leggings seem to be a universal trend. Having said that and with my obsession with the 'combo shirt' combined with layers or layering seems to be the 'go-to garment' just when you never know when the weather is going to shift and catch you by surprise.  If you haven't tried one, TRY ONE! and if you don't like it send it back within 14 days for a swap. Remember my CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 'if it's not to your satisfaction, I will replace it'.


Here are some gorgeous bits of inspiration in the WILDFLOWERS Series to put a smile on your face in pretty pastels to illuminate your skin, or if you prefer, more depth perhaps the Greens/Blues.  All beautiful, no matter the style.

MishNMesh is truely a luxury ecobrand where each piece is custom-made by Yours Truly to each individual's specifications.  Here's your MOTHER'S DAY TREAT use Code: MUMSDAY17 with your online purchase after you have saved your pennies.

Let's get to the CREATIVE HUB  of the 'magic of markets' especially if you prefer a more visual and tactile experience.  So here's where you can find MishNMesh ...

*EASTER IN THE COUNTRY 15/16 April (Saturday, top end of middle row in Arthur Street, off McDowall Street.  Sunday, top end of middle row again only this time in Bassett Park).  Hope you find me. Otherwise ring me on 0438133753 on the day and I can direct you.

*ART@KOGAN 29/30 April




DESTINATION MALTA ... a family trip to my parent's homeland from the 6-16 June 2017, so very happy to be sharing the specialness of this trip with my Daughter and Granddaughter to meet the family, 3 Generations.  

CUSTOM ORDERS ... if you would like anything made please have your orders in asap so I can see to having them completed before 6 June.


Thanks for stopping by and will chat again soon. 

Kind Regards