#cut-to-order August 12 2016

MishNMesh is about clothes you love plus honest pricing equals no waste.  

This is not NEW as some would say, 'cut-to-order' has been around forever. MishNMesh is 85% custom made, and place a lot of emphasis on 'made-to-measure' for a number of reasons.  Most importantly, ensuring that the customer gets what they want to suit their requirements.  This means, tailored to your specifications which minimizes production waste and surplus stock. You may have noticed, MishNMesh sampling is minimal, and this is why.  

Plus, well it is just me at the cutting and sewing table, all day, every day. I do not source my work out and take pride in what I do. This is how clients get 'quality assurance'.

I can vouch and say, I make high-quality ladies wear that are sold at a very reasonable price, considering it's Liberty fabric.  Have you done your sums yet?  So few have.  Just saying, not only are you getting a garment that is tailor-made and custom fit, but getting also top of the range fabrics which speak for themselves.

MishNMesh is 'slow fashion' that offers beautiful feminine styles that won't out date.  Great no matter your Size or Shape.  Ageless and Timeless.  

MishNMesh offers a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on each piece.  In that if you don't like it, 'I will replace it'.

MishNMesh is slow and sustainable and challenges the norm.  Therefore, create long-lasting pieces for our clientele that are loved  and worn to death.