#a bag on wheels February 26 2016

A bag on wheels to Pop-up Shop, MishNMesh goes out to whop whop and back.

It is just wonderful to see MishNMesh out there and to see people wearing it.

Buying better … Our focus is to build strong relationships with our customers who TRUST us for QUALITY, and of course, made in a sustainable way.  MishNMesh offers you durable and ethical alternatives and gives you the opportunity to buy better.  

Despite the pitfalls of fast fashion, 'ethically conscious clothing' is proving itself in the market, that there is a demand for fewer better things.  More and more, the buying public are rejecting mass production for aesthetic reasons and because of the exploitation in the 'fast fashion' industry.

MishNMesh is only a tiny drop in the ocean, but in the growth of ecological sensibility, the growth in demand for artisanal products and more handmade items is something to watch of the New Age Fashion Revolution.

That's my two cents worth for today.


Margherita Caruana, Creator of MishNMesh