#frame it! May 29 2013

A hat is mean't to frame your face.

I am constantly amazed by how so many people have simply no idea on how to wear a hat,

 let alone a cloche.  The brim should be parallel to your eyebrows and a finger's width above them.  

Handle it!   Handle your hat with both hands by the brim, on either side of the

crown.  It will damage your hat to pinch or crush the crown.  

Holding it!  Holding your hat, look inside the hat and line the label up so it will be centred at the back of your head when you wear it.  Place the inside front edge of the hat on your forehead and put the hat down and back setting it down on your head firmly.  Adjust its placement in front of a mirror.  

Tilt it!  Some hats look good with a little 'jaunt' or angle tilt to the brim.  Do not wear a hat on the back of your head!  

It is generally more flattering to have your hair softly flicked on forehead around your face.