#fascinators September 12 2012

Popularity of the Fascinator has been increased by the Royals, who have become prolific fascinator wearers.  At the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in April 2011, various female guests arrived wearing a Fascinator.  Princess Beatrice of York wore a piece designed by the Irish Milliner, Philip Treacy.   The unusual shape & colour caused quite a media frenzy.

The modern Fascinator is a small ornamental headpiece that fits on the head using a headband or comb attachment.  Always lightweight and usually features feathers, beads or flowers.


How to Wear a Fascinator: The Fascinator sits at an angle on the head as if perching   on top of the well groomed hair and complimenting the look of the hair.

When to Wear a Fascinator: A Fascinator may be worn instead of a hat on occasions where hats were traditionally worn, such as weddings or as an evening accessory, and is generally worn with formal attire.  And particularly, worn by female racegoers at premium horse-racing events such as the Melbourne Cup or Royal Ascot.

The Fascinator, a classic hair accessory, here to stay for a while at least.