#getting the word out August 07 2015


The main challenge I found is to get the 'buzz' going.

They say that one of the best ways to spread the word is via social media, www.facebook.com/mishnmesh but I don’t think FB is reaching MishNMesh followers.

So recently, I have been given the opportunity to network with QWRRRN and Ruth Magazine to increase some clout, and perhaps reach a wider audience, through these networks. And, of course, I have been sharing and networking both online and in person to build some excitement. So, it’s all happening in September – QWRRRN (Qld Womens Rural, Regional and Remote Network Womens’ Conference in Biloela); MishNMesh Publication in RUTH Magazine and towards the end of October we are off to the Channel Country Ladies Day.

Some of you may have noticed some visual changes in MishNMesh Pop-Up at recent events. Although the space allocation is 3m x 3m, I wanted to take a different approach as to how customers absorb the space design with loads of colour, and creative, where customers can see, touch and feel the fabric matching their expectations.

The idea is to engage focus on ‘Who made it? Where did it come from?”, and to create meaningful conversations with customers. I am very proud to communicate the authenticity about the processes in the making of MishNMesh, designed and handmade by Yours Truly in my Studio at Leyburn, (Made in Australia).

Reputation is 'valued' and of 'high quality', and most importantly, the customer is getting ‘bespoke’  

It’s only a ‘bird’s eye view’ of MishNMesh, in the hope of building customer loyalty, matching MishNMesh values and aesthetics. MishNMesh is wearable from dressing down to dressing up using the concept of layering, taking the look from day to night, filling a niche market of sustainability that is useful and durable making clothes last longer despite trends.

Put your TRUST in ME … And …. Ask Me to Make a Garment for You!.

Cheers Margherita, MishNMesh