#be the 'Specialness' in MishNMesh February 08 2015

MishNMesh wants to make YOU feel special. Rather, you don't want something that has been mass produced in a factory in China.  YOU, the customer, I am sure would like to know there's been some kind of personality touching it.  The appeal is, well, 'not everybody has one'.  

With stiff competition, I realise that YOU the customer are cautious when it comes to spending and making rash purchases.  In this environment, the onus is on me to provide something more where you are getting 'value for money'.  

I, the Maker, personally guarantee customer satisfaction, that is, 'if it does not fit I will replace it'.  Check out FIT ME at www.mishnmesh.myshopify.com 

MishNMesh resonates with the customers, therefore, it is important that the Maker, that's ME, has a personal influence.  Most importantly, I try very hard to tailor MishNMesh to my customers needs.  

MishNMesh provides an 'old-fashioned' customer service, and I personally do know how to engage all senses, whether they're Baby Boomers, Gen Y or Gen X.  This is through interactive conversation with YOU the customer at market venues.  I personally ensure that MishNMesh engages in a strong visual presence, and as such, know that it is important to take on board and listen to your requirements in order to help 'value add' to what you actually want.

MishNMesh speaks for itself, it is a good quality, carefully hand stitched to ensure that the fabric flows elegantly around the body.   I choose soft fine, high thread count 100% Cotton, thoughtfully selected from around the world.  MishNMesh styles are fashioned to make the very best of every curve, bump and bulge.  Getting value for money, even your imperfections can be made to look nothing less than, well, PERFECT.   

At MishNMesh, not only do I make Bespoke/Custom Made to Measure, but I also do Ready-to-Wear (off the rack), these are also created by ME at my Studio in Leyburn, Queensland, Australia. 

For more information about MishNMesh, contact ME, the Maker: margherita@karuansarai.com.au

Until next time ...

Margherita Caruana,

the Maker of MishNMesh