'what women want' June 05 2014

There is no more attractive way of expressing yourself than through the clothes you wear.

In my studio, I try to be unconventional, but classic and romantic in my creativity.  I try to use good judgement to reflect the individual personality.  Everyone starts somewhere, and it so happens that for me, it was in my father's tailoring workshop in school holidays.  

#Clothing style is as much about comfort as self-expression.  Generally, clothing should not be tight and the fabrics used must allow your skin to 'breathe'.  Your clothes should be moulded to your lifestyle and not vice versa. Anything that hinders movement and you find to be uncomfortable is a  'No No' in my book.  

#Fabric is the most important element in the #MishNMesh Collection.  I choose #natural materials such as #cotton, #wool, #hemp, but most #100% cotton.  I like to add originality to the garment, meaning the customer has an opportunity to have input into the style design as well. 

#How fabrics move before going ahead with a style cut - The movement of a garment should be fluid.  A sense of freedom dictates own design code.  Often, the #MishNMesh style dictates the #classic #vintage look by simply not over doing it.  MishNMesh reflects personality and an element of sincerity that looks fresh and delightful.  

Experimenting with fabrics,  is to get a better understanding of what MishNMesh is about, no matter your size or shape.  


Contact me:  margherita@karuansarai.com.au   if you would like to know more.



Margherita Caruana (Director)