#party plan November 11 2013

Getting the word out about a Party Plan Club for the Mish 'n' Mesh Collection in 2014.


Especially for You … As I love what I do, and  confident that this is 'What Women Want'',

Mish 'n' Mesh offers to customise and personalise Handmade Garments to suit the individual. 

- 'people love to feel that they get something made especially for them'.



Showcase the Collection … 'Reserved Especially for You'….

*Making it worthwhile for the Host … 'Rewards' for the Host … Promotional Material Kit ...

Getting a great deal on something with *offers of discounts, *one time offers.

'Incentives' to people who book parties.


Order Custom Made especially for you … 

*Easy for the Guests to order Customize Styles & Fabric Choices, Sizes etc to taste.  


Fishing for Bookings for 2014!

Any nibbles, then please get in touch with me:  margherita@karuansarai.com.au