MishNMesh is Certified Australian Made. #shopethicalinstead

DISTINCTIVE with 'forgiving' silhouettes - represents a tradition in fine tailoring, combining the highest standards of the Artisanal Tradition. With an eye for the contemporary style, it is my intent to bring a fresh perspective to the process to create an exceptional garment that delivers on expectation that defines YOU, the client.

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By_Margherita @MishNMesh, Independant Designer.  

I offer exceptional quality, excellent fit and irrefutable value.

I am confident that the attention to detail lavished on each piece is proof that MishNMesh Bespoke caters for all types of construction and structure.

MishNMesh has cultivated a following for those who crave not only personalisation and expertise that signifies the Artisan. The bespoke process is invariably a collaboration, when any specific adjustment is possible, which is evidence of my commitment to the importance of the individual client’s preferences and a timely delivery schedule.

I regard each commission as a unique project where every discreet element renders each garment as one-of-a-kind.  I also have a select curated ready-to-wear garments.  And therefore, one can be confident that each piece is genuinely designed and drafted and hand sewn by ME in my rural retreat on the Southern Darling Downs. 

Looking forward to seeing you in my shop...

‘dedicated to the needs of the client’.

 I am pleased to host private Appointments at the MishNMesh Studio and Gardens at my rural retreat at Leyburn, only 40 minutes from Toowoomba.

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