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The MishNMesh Closet is DISTINCTIVE with 'forgiving' silhouettes. 


The appeal is ... 'not everybody has one' 

Individual designs for ALL WOMEN - NO AGE LIMIT


By_Margherita @MishNMesh, Independant Designer and Maker

STUDIO VISITS are welcome, by appointment only, at the MishNMesh Studio & Gardens here at Leyburn, only 40 minutes drive in the country, west of Toowoomba.

PERSONAL/MOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE is certainly a key aspect of MishNMesh.  Please call me on 0438133753 to arrange a HOME CONSULT.  Generally, accommodate those that live in Toowoomba and on the Downs. If I happen to be in your neck of the woods, please let me know and I can certainly try to oblige. Check out the Pop-Up Events Calendar Page to see WHERE I will be and WHEN?

My speciality is CUSTOM FIT, and #Plus Sizes too!   Catering for all your special needs and requirements.  All you need to do is ASK!  I will do all I can to accommodate your taste and likes, after-all, that's what Custom Made is about.  Please do check out the FIT ME POLICY on the webpage.

Choose your PRINT and your STYLE from the Demonstrated Samples available.

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HOW CAN I HELP ...  Please use the CONTACT US FORM to discuss your options or better still, ring me on 0438133753